What kind of phones does Equiinet support?
We provide Equiinet branded phone, and we also support a variety of other common IP phones, for example, Polycom, Yealink, etc. You can ask our customer manager to order these phones, and they can be pre-configured with your Equiinet account.
Can I keep my existing phone number?
In most cases yes, though the total amount of your PRI lines is decreased, customers could still keep some of the PRI lines with some preferred phone numbers, which could prevent customers' loss owing to phone number changes.
Does Equiinet support physical fax machine?
Yes, Equiinet supports fax machine: paperless fax to email and email to fax service. We also supports physical fax machine connection.
How can I learn more about Equiinet’s solution?
You can visit our website "Equiinet.cn/solution" or just call 010-82449224-555 to contact customer manager, and we will provide wholehearted services for you.
Does Equiinet support 119 emergency service?
Yes, Equiinet devices connected to all telephone extensions and they all support 119 emergency call service.Users can pre-set emergency numbers in the phone background. This emergency number is still allowed to be dial out during extension limitations.
Does Equiinet support tele-conferencing service?
Yes, each extension phone contains 3 calling routes simultaneously. This function can match up to 30 callers conference bridge.
Do I need all the features offered by Equiinet?
You may not need all the functions of Equiinet. We will provide customized solutions according to your requirements. You can also change service scheme according to your business demands at any time.
Can I have a professional voice attendance?
Yes, you can always record new voice message, and it can be easily saved in your account via *.wav format.
Can I forward the call to my mobile equipment?
Yes, our service allows you to transfer the call to your mobile device (smart phone, tablet, laptop) or other phone number.
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