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Customers' Concern


The company has just been established and needs a set of PBX phone system, however, there are numbers of PBX products with different prices and qualities in the market, which makes it difficult for the customers to choose.


Got so many branches, which brings tremendous cost on communication among those branches.


There are a large number of files need to be classified every day, lacking of good data sharing platform.


The business scope is extensive, which makes sales man or project personnel need to frequently go out for work or for remote mobile officing. It is very difficult and costly to achieve mobile work via traditional equipment and it is very inconvenient for outworkers to carry large amount of relevant data.


In order to solve the problem of mobile office and file management, customers need to purchase a set of central server and related VPN servers, which will cost a fortune.


Always faced up with problems caused by a large number of equipment integration and complicated infrastructure installation. Once the error occurs, it will result in high maintenance costs, and the company is lack of professional IT technical support team.

Equiinet Solutions

Equiinet provides an “All in One” solution which contains a set of smart office, cloud communication, network security and optimization functionalities.

A. High quality cloud communication solutions:
Equiinet provides a set of intelligent and multifunctional PBX service, providing automatic voice response, transfering, phone messages, recording and virtual fax. With the exclusive QoS technology, Equiinet optimizes network resource, to achieve high quality communication. Without any delay, packet loss, Equiinet keeps customers away from unhappy call experience.
B. Low cost communication:
Equiinet uses Internet to set up exclusive IP-based line-pooling service, which can greatly reduce the rental expenses and communication costs inside the company, so that the customers no longer have to worry about high cost due to frequent long distance communication.
C. Central file storage/ secured private cloud:
With real time file sharing, the customers no longer have to worry about the problems caused by different versions of files.
Equiinet box integrates the VPN server functionality. With tunnel encryption technology, Equiinet builds a safe and reliable VPN network, so that employees can easily and securely use smart phones or PCs to access the data in the central cloud whenever and wherever they need.
E. All in One Box:
Equiinet knows the truth of "less is better", and has found a way to provide business users with multiple choices in the simplest way. We have integrated many services in one box, and allocated all kinds of related hardware interfaces for the box, which can achieve high compatibility and simple installation, saving a lot of unnecessary hardware cost. How simple it can be? Enterprises get access to telephone network, smart office, failover, online backup, Unified Threat Management and prospective detection only via installing a box. Through this box, the enterprise can have many customized solutions, adjust the demand anytime, and achieve so many functionalities with the lowest cost.
F. Technical support:
Equiinet provides 24/7/365 technical support service for you.
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