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Customers' Concerns


Customers are faced up with tremendous telephony cost due to communication among multiple branches.


Customers complain about the limited coverage of the public WiFi.


POS machine dies owing to emergent network failure, leading to the loss of customers.


Hotel WiFi is not secure enough.


Lack of IT personnel and IT rescue process is troublesome.

Equiinet Solutions

A. Low cost communication:
Equiinet uses Internet to set up exclusive IP-based line-pooling service, which can greatly reduce the rental expenses and communication costs inside the company, so that the customers no longer have to worry about high cost due to frequent long distance communication.
B. WiFi coverage:
Equiinet can provide inter-connectivity for the hotel WiFi service by integrating special equipment. WiFi signal can cover the entire hotel area. Users just need to input password only once before enjoying the WiFi in any corner of the hotel.
C. 3G/4G Failover:
If equipped with 3G/4G module, Equiinet equipment could use 3G/4G to keep network alive during emergent broadband failure, which ensures the regular utility of the POS machine, and never loses any customer.
D. Network security:
The network that Equiinet established is based on VPN (Virtual Private network). With the implementation of firewall and anti-virus protection mechanism, Equiinet sets up a safe network environment for every hotel.
E. Technical support:
Equiinet provides 24/7/365 technical support service.

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