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Customers' Concerns


School phone system is old and communication experience is bad.


Cannot guarantee a fast network speed when teachers and students are using network simultaneously.


Hard to control the webpage content that students explore.


Poor safety of the campus network.


Bad WiFi coverage on campus.


Lack of effective mode for distance education, moreover, teaching material storage management is old and insecured.


Needs on high equipment stability, and avoiding equipment failure disaster.


Costly for replacing the obsolete network equipment.

Equiinet Solutions

A. Intelligent PBX telephone system:
Equiinet provides powerful IP-based telephony system, which can save up to 50% of the communication costs per month. Moreover, users can use SIP clients installed on smart phones which is more convenient and efficient.
B. Web caching:
Using the cutting-edge technology, Equiinet effectively eliminates the waste of resources when browsing webpage, ensuring the effective use of the network band.
C. Content filtering:
Equiinet provides you with intelligent network information monitoring function, building positive and safe network environment for teachers and students.
D. Network security:
Equiinet is equipped with solid firewall and anti-virus mechanism. At the same time, based on different requirements, Equiinet establish specific private network in order to ensure the safety of cyber resource.
E. Full campus WiFi coverage:
Equiinet can establish interconnection for the school WiFi service, cooperated with related equipment, WiFi signal can cover the whole campus, allowing users in any corner of the campus to enjoy WiFi.
F Secured private cloud:
Teachers can easily complete the teaching slides via the function of file sharing. Students can access those files whenever and wherever via the smart phones or PCs.
G. Disaster recovery:
Equiinet is excellent in disaster recovery solutions to ensure stability of campus system, solving the problems caused by sudden power outage, network failures and other data loss.
H. No hardware cost:
No need to buy hardware, decrease cost.

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