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Our company is composed by a group of experienced experts. They possess the innovative and unique concept, and are able to combine these ideas with their experience in the industry. The boss and the group of the company care about each customer and continue to provide high quality and low cost service for the customers.

The Equiinet solution of single box simplifies the solutions for the needs of enterprises, saves money, and improves the efficiency. Through Equiinet, enterprises' communication needs can be easily fulfilled, in addition to the remote detection, secure network connection, private cloud, WiFi hot spot, virtual fax and voice mail to E-mail. Equiinet provides all for enterprise to continuously maintain all frontier technology they required.

Equiinet Achievement

Equiinet was founded in 1998 in the UK and merged with Ubiquita in the US in January 2014 to make the new Equiinet, a global company with over 50,000 customers. Equiinet, through use of agent partners and direct sales channels, provides services to customers worldwide. The corporate headquarters are located in Las Vegas, Nevada and customers are served in Arizona, Utah, Southern California and mid-west markets.

Equiinet China

In 2014, Equiinet brought his cutting-edge technology and superior industry competitiveness into China, and has attracted a large number of outstanding talents to join it, forming a localized professional services team. Believing the idea of “Intention Service”, “Keep Innovating” and “Pursuit For Excellence", Equiinet China aims to let you feel the convenience of foreign advanced technology to enjoy a more innovative and thoughtful service support.

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