International Business Phone System

Auto Attendant system will support 24 hours intelligent voice answering service for your business. It can answer each customer’s call decently, and transfer it to the appropriate department or extension.
Use network communication technology to build virtual meeting platform, and combine with IP phone equipments to provide you with a multi-party conference function. You can have free conference calls within the intranet, no need to pay expensive phone bill.
Customer calls can ring your mobile phone and landline simultaneously. Make sure no matter where and when you are, you will not miss any important calls from customers, giving more freedom in work.
If you are busy with work in office or in travel and uncertain when the important call comes. Then you can set your landline, cell phone, and PC to ringing simultaneously. You can answer important call at anywhere.
Sending important urgent notice? You don’t have to worry about the complicated process of passing the messages and resulting in delay. Now, you just need to press one key, and then all the phones in the office will answer automatically. The same as broadcasting function.
When the phone is busy or nobody answers, it will automatically forward to another phone, and you don’t have to worry about missing any important call.

Virtual Private Network

Equiinet Box integrated VPN function, so Enterprise can easily build their exclusive Group VPN network by using the Equiinet Box, connecting different offices and branches together and no longer need additional VPN equipments. Distance is no longer a problem, communication becomes easier.
By building up the VPN channel, employee can access to the Enterprise data remotely with encrypted transmission.
Need to call colleagues in different cities or countries ? You just need to dial three digit extension numbers. The call is crystal clear and free. Save you more time and money.
Data transmission through VPN encrypted channel can be guaranteed safely, away from hackers. By using VPN channel, no matter you are using hotel or coffee shop Wi-Fi, your network is protected.
No matter you are in travel, on vacation or customer meeting, as long as you have Wi-Fi access, you can login to company’s private cloud storage easily. Finding the documents you need, it is so easy.
Are you still troubled by the high cost of business calls while you are abroad? Now, you can use our soft phone. Use your VPN key link back to office network and make calls just like in the office. No more international phone bills, call will be charged at local rate.

Private Cloud for Enterprise

Equiinet Box comes with cloud storage, providing the enterprise with central file storage function. Users can store and share files safely and easily. Helping Enterprise to solve the problem of data sharing and managing with real-time data synchronization. Plus cell phone login to cloud storage.
Equiinet box has 500GB storage , which is able for 50 million minutes call recording. Recording will be automatically stored to storage in a specific folder. Finding the call recording is very easy .You can use your cell phone to search it at anytime and anywhere through the VPN channel.
Where to store enterprise’s video recording? Using Equiinet cloud storage! You also can extend the storage space to 2T or use external hard drive in order to ensure the storage space.
Equiinet private cloud can be divided into public and private cloud storage. Public cloud storage is available for all employees, and private cloud storage is only available for individual to ensure the data’s privacy.

Unified Threat Management

Apart from guarding your internal network against malicious access from the outside, the firewall can also be configured to limit access to the outside from internal users (limiting access to social network websites for example). You can set up trusted IP ranges, special IP range groups, port forwarding, DMZ etc.
Data going through your broadband connection can be scanned against a virus catalog which is daily updated, providing greater protection to your network.
Complex user-level web filtering allows you to not only use black and white lists at a URL-level but also content filtering to key words. The content filtering also supports the functionality on applying time windows or user specific rules when the filtering is applicable.

Equiinet Products

JustINA is a integration communication server. It has integrated many network equipment features including four primary functions---VOIP phone system, VPN server, Private Cloud, Network Firewall.It provides one-stop, customized, integrated communication solutions for growing business. Equiinet’s solution can simplify company’s communication demand, reduce cost and improve efficiency. Moreover, JustINA provides encrypted remote access, center file share,public and private Wi-Fi access. Equiinet’s 24/7 advanced monitoring and altering technology provides you intelligent information on the performance, availability, network connectivity and security of your voice and IT services. Such 24/7 monitoring and responsiveness services means issues are uncovered early in the process before they impact your operations.

EQ-842PG is a gigabit color IP phone that launched by Equiinet. 3.5 inch , 260000 colors, TFT LCD, 480x320 pixel,Menu-driven user interface, XML Idle Screen, 2 RJ45 ethernet port(1 Internet+ 1 PC), 37 keys including 4 programmable keys, 3 VOIP accounts, support wired headset, support POE, 5V/1.2A

EQ-862PG is a gigabit color IP phone that launched by Equiinet. 3.5 inch , 260000 colors, TFT LCD, 480x320 pixel,Menu-driven user interface, XML Idle Screen, 2 RJ45 ethernet port(1 Internet+ 1 PC), 47 keys including 14 programmable keys, 4 VOIP accounts, support wired headset, support POE, 5V/1.2A

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